Health Tips – Top 10 Foods for Weight Loss

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Looking for health tips?

Looking for Weight Control Tips?

I’m always looking for new tips and tricks for my health.  This book is a must read – The Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet & Lifestyle by Dr. Gaynor.  The book just clicked with me.  Let me tell you, in my humble opinion, the book is fantastic.  The author goes through the exact foods that you should eat, what to avoid, and most importantly, why to do it.  Dr. Gaynor goes into great detail on how to avoid long term diseases (ex. cancer, diabetes, heart disease) from formulating in your body by making small tweaks to your lifestyle and diet.   Most diseases take 20+ years to fully formulate, which is why most people have a higher chance of cancer later in life.  Like I said, great reading.

Gene Therapy Plan
Gene Therapy Plan

I highly recommend this as a must read and it wasn’t too difficult to follow along.   Below are 10 foods I read that will assist with weight control and make your lifestyle more healthy in no particular order.   Continue reading