Podcast – Investing Should Be Easy – Hurricane Harvey & Irma Stock Review

If you are beginning investor, check out today’s show!

In today’s podcast, Alex will look at how to adjust your portfolio because of the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
Both storms caused tremendous impact to the United States, but like always, there is a strategy to be had in thinking through how it can impact your portfolio. During the show, he will go review three separate industries that are key to these disasters.

1. Construction & Home Builders
2. Insurance
3. Energy

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Podcast – Investing Should Be Easy – Episode 1

In the opening episode of his new podcast, Alex Richwagen will help identify a long-term investment strategy in pursuit of long term growth, dividend reinvestment, and compounding gains to be better off financially. Alex goes through the following six areas of his strategy:
1. Why Investing
2. Affordability & Flexibility
3. Risk
4. Supported by Data
5. How the strategy works
6. Next Steps

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Advice for Young Investors from Someone who’s Been There…

I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Randy Warrum, a succesful director at a Fortune 100 company.  I wanted to discuss our different investment styles and get another perspective on investing from someone who is on the verge of retirement vs. someone in the journey.  He gives some solid advice to younger generations and I share my strategies as well.  Here’s a transcript of our conversation.  Take a look!

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Looking for a Stable Investment in an Unstable Market?

Risk Averse?
Risk Averse?

First off, isn’t it great to buy a house these days with such low interest rates?  Our parents paid upwards of 14% back in the 80s for a mortgage and we are paying something like 3-4% nowadays.  Because interest rates are so low, it has downstream effects.  It’s great for home buyers to afford a lower monthly payment without paying too much interest on the loan.  The economy has been stimulated over the past 4 years providing a tremendous bull market leaving stocks at record highs.  How do you think this impacts banks and financial institutions? Continue reading