Podcast – Investing Should Be Easy – Episode 1

In the opening episode of his new podcast, Alex Richwagen will help identify a long-term investment strategy in pursuit of long term growth, dividend reinvestment, and compounding gains to be better off financially. Alex goes through the following six areas of his strategy:
1. Why Investing
2. Affordability & Flexibility
3. Risk
4. Supported by Data
5. How the strategy works
6. Next Steps

Check out and subscribe to the initial episode by clicking this link https://tinyurl.com/lgyvl23

if you have any questions, send it into my email box, alex.richwagen@gmail.com.

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FREE EBOOK – Curious about Investing?

I get asked lots of time to help breakdown finances, investing, and the stock market from folks around me.  While I do have a full end-to-end published book on Investing with Strategies available here, I put together a shorter read to help someone understand how to get started.

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Investment Idea – Safety and Dividends with Insurance IAK

How is your portfolio lately?  Not so rosy?  Too much risk?  Is the stock market continues to turning your stomach?  How about taking a look at a much lower risk investment idea that will provide steady growth with dividends instead.  I’m talking about investing with insurance.  There’s an ETF made up of several insurance companies, which spreads out the risk even more, that is that opportunity called IAK.


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Advice for Young Investors from Someone who’s Been There…

I recently had an opportunity to sit down with Randy Warrum, a succesful director at a Fortune 100 company.  I wanted to discuss our different investment styles and get another perspective on investing from someone who is on the verge of retirement vs. someone in the journey.  He gives some solid advice to younger generations and I share my strategies as well.  Here’s a transcript of our conversation.  Take a look!

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Double your Money in 7 Years – Golden Rule of 72

I wrote last week about How to Double your Money Every 7 Years, here’s more evidence of how and why.


Golden Rule of 72

There is the rule called the Golden Rule of 72 I want to introduce to you.  It explains how investing money can and will double in value from the original amount.  This rule is directly related to the rate of return the investment yields.  In the previous article, since we know the standard stock market rate of return of 11%, we take the golden rule of 72 and divide it by 11 and that yields an answer of 6.5455.  Basically, this tells us that the original money investment will double every 6.5 years according to the rule.  Basically, take your return and divide it by 11 and you will see how long it will take for your investment to double. Continue reading

How to Double your $$Money Every Seven Years

Grow your money with Investing

This is 100% possible with the magic of compound interest and how if you start investing in almost ANY stocks early enough in life.  Almost any stock with enough time will increase in value.  It really does make the difference on your potential Return on Investment (ROI) between hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Yes, that’s right, I said hundreds of thousands could be the difference when starting your investment plan Continue reading

Greece, China = Unstable Market – How to Protect your Portfolio


Greek Flag
Greek Flag
China Flag
China Flag






Both countries are causing the market turbulence and stomach aches for queasy investors.  As I’m writing this, Greece, still doesn’t have a solution as their PM flip-flops more than pancakes on a griddle.  China’s stock market has been such a mess, that 25% of stocks stopped trading due to deep losses and heavy fluctuation on Tuesday, 7/7/15.  This isn’t an article on further issues with either country.  It’s to get you thinking about what happens what markets can wildly fluctuate and more importantly, how to protect the investments in your portfolio.   Continue reading

Looking for a Stable Investment in an Unstable Market?

Risk Averse?
Risk Averse?

First off, isn’t it great to buy a house these days with such low interest rates?  Our parents paid upwards of 14% back in the 80s for a mortgage and we are paying something like 3-4% nowadays.  Because interest rates are so low, it has downstream effects.  It’s great for home buyers to afford a lower monthly payment without paying too much interest on the loan.  The economy has been stimulated over the past 4 years providing a tremendous bull market leaving stocks at record highs.  How do you think this impacts banks and financial institutions? Continue reading

What’s the Difference between Mutual Funds and ETFs?

What would you like Sir?  More Diversification?  Coming right up!


Mutual Funds & ETFs offer the same thing for investors…Lots of diversification assets within a single purchase.  Each contain a basket of stocks to spread out risk instead of individuals (you and me) buying hundreds if not thousands of stocks to reduce our risk.  There are distinct differences between the two, however, like the long term costs associated with them.  Let me explain each: Continue reading

Investing Ideas – How to Make Sense of all the #BigData with #Hortonworks (HDP)

Big Data

Big Data has been a growing noun over the past 5 years as a core component of the Internet of Things.  What exactly does it mean?  Let’s start with the Internet of Things (IOT).  IOT is a phrase that describes how all devices will soon be connected to the internet or one another.  Soon enough, you’ll walk into your kitchen, tell your coffee machine to start brewing, the microwave to start, and the dryer to fluff your pants.  This is what I mean by more connectivity with the IOT to make your life easier.

Big Data is simply taking all the information companies have access to and making better business decisions by drawing correlations or connections.   Continue reading