Investing Podcast – How to find investments (2 of 4)

In today’s podcast, Alex will answer a few emails on how to find investments by taking an approach called breaking down an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) that acts just like a mutual fund to find top investments in a basket.
This is the second in a four part series on different techniques to find possible investments for your portfolio.

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Investing Ideas – Time to look at Cyper Security More Closely with #HACK

Breach, Breach, Breach…

This has become too common a word in the headlines over the past 12-18 months both domestic and globally.  Chances are you have been affected directly or indirectly (knowing someone else) because of a data breach.  The major ones we know about because they made national headlines like Home Depot, Sony, and Target.  What about the ones that didn’t make major headlines or reported to only their network?  I can tell you first hand I was recently in Vegas for a promotions trip and found out my credit cards had been compromised by staying at Hard Rock in Las Vegas.   Continue reading