Investment Idea – Safety and Dividends with Insurance IAK

How is your portfolio lately?  Not so rosy?  Too much risk?  Is the stock market continues to turning your stomach?  How about taking a look at a much lower risk investment idea that will provide steady growth with dividends instead.  I’m talking about investing with insurance.  There’s an ETF made up of several insurance companies, which spreads out the risk even more, that is that opportunity called IAK.


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Looking for a Stable Investment in an Unstable Market?

Risk Averse?
Risk Averse?

First off, isn’t it great to buy a house these days with such low interest rates?  Our parents paid upwards of 14% back in the 80s for a mortgage and we are paying something like 3-4% nowadays.  Because interest rates are so low, it has downstream effects.  It’s great for home buyers to afford a lower monthly payment without paying too much interest on the loan.  The economy has been stimulated over the past 4 years providing a tremendous bull market leaving stocks at record highs.  How do you think this impacts banks and financial institutions? Continue reading

What’s the Difference between Mutual Funds and ETFs?

What would you like Sir?  More Diversification?  Coming right up!


Mutual Funds & ETFs offer the same thing for investors…Lots of diversification assets within a single purchase.  Each contain a basket of stocks to spread out risk instead of individuals (you and me) buying hundreds if not thousands of stocks to reduce our risk.  There are distinct differences between the two, however, like the long term costs associated with them.  Let me explain each: Continue reading

Investing Ideas – Which Brokerage Account to Use

When you finally feel it’s time to invest, where do you go?  How do you start?

Keep the fees down with more money in your pocket!


It’s a very important decision when choosing a brokerage account provider.  Nowadays, most of them are very similar and offer very comparable services, but there are some out there that will charge $30 per trade instead of less than $10 per trade if you don’t look closely.  An expensive brokerage account can really eat up into your potential ROI with too many fees.  Continue reading