Podcast – Investing Should Be Easy – Episode 14 with Aqua America

If you are beginning investor, check out today’s show!

In today’s podcast, Alex will look under the hood at a defensive stock, WTR, that is utility known as Aqua America. Listen to the show to find out why you should consider this for your portfolio as a possible low risk investment with some growth potential. During the show, he will go through his standard 3-step process to analyze the stock

1. Google Finance (high level)
2. Finviz.com (technicals & fundamental analysis)
3. WTR Investor Relations (future projects on the company)

The stock, WTR, can be found under the DRIP umbrella, Computershare.com to invest directly with the company at an affordable cost.

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Podcast – Investing Should Be Easy – Episode 13

In today’s show, Alex will review a few articles that discuss why more people aren’t investing (2/3 of Millenials) the root causes behind it, and how to get started. Find as much as $300 in monthly income to get started, that’s article #2. Lastly, with the stock market starting to shift, Alex discusses how to address your portfolio with defensive stocks.

Links to today’s articles –

Article 1 – Why More People Aren’t Investing 

Article 2 – How to save $300 a month

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