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I get asked lots of time to help breakdown finances, investing, and the stock market from folks around me.  While I do have a full end-to-end published book on Investing with Strategies available here, I put together a shorter read to help someone understand how to get started.

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Greece, China = Unstable Market – How to Protect your Portfolio


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Both countries are causing the market turbulence and stomach aches for queasy investors.  As I’m writing this, Greece, still doesn’t have a solution as their PM flip-flops more than pancakes on a griddle.  China’s stock market has been such a mess, that 25% of stocks stopped trading due to deep losses and heavy fluctuation on Tuesday, 7/7/15.  This isn’t an article on further issues with either country.  It’s to get you thinking about what happens what markets can wildly fluctuate and more importantly, how to protect the investments in your portfolio.   Continue reading

Investing Ideas – Which Brokerage Account to Use

When you finally feel it’s time to invest, where do you go?  How do you start?

Keep the fees down with more money in your pocket!


It’s a very important decision when choosing a brokerage account provider.  Nowadays, most of them are very similar and offer very comparable services, but there are some out there that will charge $30 per trade instead of less than $10 per trade if you don’t look closely.  An expensive brokerage account can really eat up into your potential ROI with too many fees.  Continue reading