How to Double your $$Money Every Seven Years

Grow your money with Investing

This is 100% possible with the magic of compound interest and how if you start investing in almost ANY stocks early enough in life.  Almost any stock with enough time will increase in value.  It really does make the difference on your potential Return on Investment (ROI) between hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Yes, that’s right, I said hundreds of thousands could be the difference when starting your investment plan Continue reading

Investing Ideas – How to Make Sense of all the #BigData with #Hortonworks (HDP)

Big Data

Big Data has been a growing noun over the past 5 years as a core component of the Internet of Things.  What exactly does it mean?  Let’s start with the Internet of Things (IOT).  IOT is a phrase that describes how all devices will soon be connected to the internet or one another.  Soon enough, you’ll walk into your kitchen, tell your coffee machine to start brewing, the microwave to start, and the dryer to fluff your pants.  This is what I mean by more connectivity with the IOT to make your life easier.

Big Data is simply taking all the information companies have access to and making better business decisions by drawing correlations or connections.   Continue reading