Podcast – Investing Should Be Easy – Episode 5

In the next episode of his podcast, Alex Richwagen continues the investment strategy in pursuit of long term growth, dividend reinvestment, and compounding gains to teach others how to become better off financially. In today’s show, Alex reviews the recent news that the Dodd-Frank law will be reformed.  This is a very important law to review and understand how it impacts your portfolio.  During the show, Alex discusses several potential companies that could be positively impacted by this rule on both Computershare and Wells Fargo Investor Services:

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Investment Idea – Safety and Dividends with Insurance IAK

How is your portfolio lately?  Not so rosy?  Too much risk?  Is the stock market continues to turning your stomach?  How about taking a look at a much lower risk investment idea that will provide steady growth with dividends instead.  I’m talking about investing with insurance.  There’s an ETF made up of several insurance companies, which spreads out the risk even more, that is that opportunity called IAK.


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