Podcast – Investing Should Be Easy – Episode 12

If you are beginner investor, check out today’s show! In today’s episode, Alex will review one of the many reasons investing is important, buy a house. Buying a house is a big decision and isn’t emotional. Alex discusses how important it is to put 20% for a down payment, how much of your house you actually own after a few years, and how it matters when choosing a 15 vs. a 30 year mortgage.

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Buying a House – Stuff to Think About…Part 3

buying-a-homeWe’ve gone through the first two sections about things to think about when buying a house.  The first section covered mortgages, credit, and how the length of the mortgage (15,20,30 years) will impact how much principle you pay.  The second section was more about the location, schools, crime rates, and repairs at a high level.  This third and final section will get more into those possible repairs or upgrades you might be looking at in your dream house.

Let’s get right into it!

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Buying a Home – House Buying Tips… Part 2


Buying a home is a big commitment. There are many decisions to make so try and keep the emotions in check.  Your financial prowness is needed because there are lots of expected and unexpected expenses coming your way in the future.

If you missed Part 1 regarding financing the mortgage, please Click Here…

Beyond just liking you future home, there are several factors to keep in mind that will affect everything from your happiness, safety, expenses, to the future re-sale value of the home.  These factors are listed below.

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Buying a Home – House Buying Tips…Part 1 with Mortgage Choices

Many look at buying a house as one of the happiest days of their lives.

For most, it’s an emotional experience.

How do you think mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and the businesses looks at it?

Not emotional.

It’s a business transaction, that’s all.

How to make a smarter decision when buying a home…


Before you jump into purchasing your dream home, here are some practical angles to think about…

  • How will you afford the house?
  • Are you putting 20% down (20% of the purchase price)?
  • Is the money available now?
  • Do you have an emergency fund?
  • Are there are home improvements that will be required to your new house?
  • Will you be getting a 15, 20, or 30 year mortgage?

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