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I get asked lots of time to help breakdown finances, investing, and the stock market from folks around me.  While I do have a full end-to-end published book on Investing with Strategies available here, I put together a shorter read to help someone understand how to get started.

It’s also available on for $0.99 if you would like to contribute to my writing.

Hope you enjoy!

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Are you Curious about Long Term Wealth and Investing

How to Double your $$Money Every Seven Years

Grow your money with Investing

This is 100% possible with the magic of compound interest and how if you start investing in almost ANY stocks early enough in life.  Almost any stock with enough time will increase in value.  It really does make the difference on your potential Return on Investment (ROI) between hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Yes, that’s right, I said hundreds of thousands could be the difference when starting your investment plan Continue reading

Investing Should Be Easy

Investing Should Be Easy was written for the beginner to intermediate investor who needs a basic foundation in the principles of investing. Beginners will gain this foundation through a historic look of the markets, reasons to invest, an explanation of fundamentals, and recommendations with sample portfolios. You will take away from this book a strategy to invest without constant upkeep or review in order to provide a direction to reach long term goals such as financial independence.

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