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Looking for Weight Control Tips?

I’m always looking for new tips and tricks for my health.  This book is a must read – The Gene Therapy Plan: Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet & Lifestyle by Dr. Gaynor.  The book just clicked with me.  Let me tell you, in my humble opinion, the book is fantastic.  The author goes through the exact foods that you should eat, what to avoid, and most importantly, why to do it.  Dr. Gaynor goes into great detail on how to avoid long term diseases (ex. cancer, diabetes, heart disease) from formulating in your body by making small tweaks to your lifestyle and diet.   Most diseases take 20+ years to fully formulate, which is why most people have a higher chance of cancer later in life.  Like I said, great reading.

Gene Therapy Plan
Gene Therapy Plan

I highly recommend this as a must read and it wasn’t too difficult to follow along.   Below are 10 foods I read that will assist with weight control and make your lifestyle more healthy in no particular order.  Asparagus – fish with asparagus, asparagus soup, or just add 2-3 times per week as the vegetable on your plate


Celery – soups galore – what do all basic soup recipes start with?  Carrots, Onions, and of course…Celery.  Use a lot as it can great for your diet, acts as a “filler” in most meals and comes with a great crunch!


Grapefruit – juice is the best idea here, 100% juice.  Another idea, use it with Olive Oil with lemon juice for a salad dressing


Romaine Lettuce – all of your salads should have this or a combination of this green

Aloe Vera – generally thought of as a plant for sun burns, but can be great for healthy weight management.  Look for uses like aloe juice, coconut cream and almond smoothie, and aloe dressing for salads.

Curry Powder – add it to almost any protein or your favorite rice (brown rice of course) dish for a weight helping spice


Flounder – broiled or baked is best, add some of that curry powder and you are talking about a real winner here for health benefits

Miso – comes in a paste usually, very traditional in asian cooking in soups

Wheatgrass – best in juicing, plenty of recipes can be found online with a simple Google search – check out these recipes here found at

Yogurt – The Doc strongly prefers greek yogurt here as it’s very low in fat, high in protein, and great for weight loss.  Next time you make french dip for chips, use greek yogurt.  Great in spreads as an alternative, add lemon juice or honey to cut the sour taste.

There you have it, your Top 10 Foods for Weight Loss.  Please experiment with these over a 2-4 week period and measure your results (per Dr. Gaynor) to see the impact.

Feel free to leave me a comment below to your feedback!

4 thoughts on “Health Tips – Top 10 Foods for Weight Loss

  1. Great article, I make sure I include most of the food recommended above and it’s working for me. There are other natural related food item that are also beneficial like coconut oil.


    • Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for the comment!
      Coconut oil is definitely on the list, especially as a healthy preference for cooking oil as opposed to standard vegetable or canola oil.
      Coconut and Grapeseed oil are the top two items for cooking anything, including olive oil. Olive oil is great for dipping for bread and salad dressings, but not cooking since its health benefits are compromised if heated vs in its natural state (very heart healthy) of 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil (stay away from the Light version).

      Feel free to let me know feedback anytime!



  2. Hi Alex, you mentioned this book to me once before, but I have not had the opportunity to try it yet. It sounds like it is worth the read. As I become more health conscious and work on weight loss, I want to find all types of natural ways of maintaining both. I’ll let you know how it goes once I’ve had a chance to read it and try some of the suggestions.


    • Hi Jackie,

      Please do, I found the book incredibly insightful about my diet and started making small tweaks to avoid long term health issues.
      For example, I try to only eat Almond Butter instead of Peanut Butter because of the increased chances of cancer linked to peanuts.

      Please let me know how you like the book as well if you decide to read it!




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